Opeldeathpie's current avatar.
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Species Bossatronian
Age 13
Birthday May 28
Real Name Not saying
Date Joined January 2015
Location A place in ROBLOXia where Bossatronians go

Opeldeathpie (a.k.a Emerald the Dark Wolf) is a Bossatronian on Roblox. She is a minion of the King of the Bossatronians, Jacksepticeye. 


Opel originally had an account called Aivadeathcake. On January 5th, 2015, she forgot her password and she didn't verify her account XD. Later in January 2015, Opel created her current account (AND SHE VERIFIED IT THIS TIME!). She later made 2 alternate accounts called Jacksepticeyefan66 and Lemmykoopa999. She originally started as the known torsos, the 3.0 Female Noob Torso. She later bought some clothes for occassions and her current clothes.

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